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Frank Dolce Fellowship Application

The Frank Dolce Fellowship is a position at the Western New York Council on Occupational Safety and Health (WNYCOSH) committed to defending and advancing the rights of working people.

Frank Dolce worked his entire life as an activist, professor, and attorney championing the value of hard work and the dignity of labor. While enrolled at SUNY Buffalo Law School he was a founding member of WNYCOSH, an organization created during the national occupational safety and health movement of the 1970’s. He helped draft and enact one of the country’s first “Right to Know” laws, providing workers with the legal right to know about toxic substances they encounter at work. Over the next 35 years Frank Dolce built a career as an advocate for working people both as a trial attorney and community activist.

WNYCOSH continues to be a leader in the field of workers rights. Since 1979, WNYCOSH has made the workplace safer for hundreds of thousands of workers across Western New York through organizing and training efforts. The WNYCOSH Worker Center was established in 2011, benefits workers, especially low-wage workers-immigrant, refugee, temp workers, and native-born to learn about their rights and organize fellow workers to improve workplace conditions. Worker Center components include Outreach, Services, Education and Advocacy, including assistance with issues of wage theft, discrimination, unsafe working conditions, and other workplace challenges.

The Frank Dolce Fellow will work to organize and advocate for underrepresented workers in a position with the WNYCOSH Worker Center. In particular, the applicant will be expected to organize immigrant and temp workers, provide assistance for wage theft class action law suits, and work to expand the WNYCOSH Worker Center.

This position is an opportunity to continue Frank Dolce’s legacy and build your own within the broader workers rights movement here in Western New York.

Please submit a typed resume, cover letter, and formal response to the following questionnaire to WNYCOSH Executive Director Germain Harnden at

Frank Dolce Fellowship Questionnaire

Please limit responses to 150 words.

  1. What professional and life experiences will inform your work at the WNYCOSH Worker Center?

  2. What do you see as the role you will fulfill at the WNYCOSH Worker Center?

  3. What do you see as the intersection of law and activism?

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