WNYCOSH Worker Center

The WNYCOSH Worker Center benefits workers, especially low-wage workers-immigrant, refugee, temp. workers, and native-born, to learn about their rights and organize fellow workers to improve workplace conditions. The ultimate goal of the WNYCOSH Worker Center is to create a programmatic space to foster an informed, engaged membership advocating for positive change in their workplaces and workplaces, throughout WNY. Worker Center components include Outreach, Services, Education and Advocacy.

(716) 206-3550 ​

The WNYCOSH Worker Center hotline, can assist you to solve problems at your workplace including not being paid all wages earned, an unsafe work environment, discrimination, or other issues.

Please clearly say your full name, telephone number, the best time to reach you, preferred language, and a brief description of the problem you are having.

Due to the volume of calls it may take up to three business days to return your call. This hotline can only accept messages. All calls will be kept strictly confidential. The hotline is available in 10 languages:

English x700
Spanish x701
Karen X702
Arabic x703
Nepali x704
Burmese x705
Vietnamese x706
French x707
Somali x708
Swahili x709

You can also contact us via the form below, but only in English. Give us a brief description of your issue. Are your wages not being paid? Is your job unsafe? Are you being harassed or discriminated against on the job? All reports will be kept strictly confidential.


Workers’ Rights Training

The WNYCOSH Worker Center offers workers rights training at your site or ours in a variety of languages. Trainings include information on wages & hours, workplace safety and health, industry specific training, as well as your rights to advocate for a safer and fairer workplace.

Free Worker Center Legal Clinics:

The WNYCOSH Worker Center Free Legal Clinic offers scheduled and ad hoc legal clinics that offer workers the opportunity to discuss workplace issues for guidance and other forms of assistance.

Assistance organizing around workplace issues:

Is there an issue in your workplace that affects many workers that can best be addressed by working together? The WNYCOSH Worker Center can offer you the support and resources to help you address your issues in a constructive, collective way.


WNYCOSH Worker Center Leadership Training Conferences:

Our quarterly training conferences will offer training in:

– campaign design & planning

– meeting, communication, and consensus training

– conflict resolution

– media relations

– public speaking

– cross cultural leadership

Advocacy Oriented ESL:

A great resource for English Language Learners to learn English while learning the strategies and vocabulary for self-advocacy and workplace justice.

Worker Rights Handbook: Have a question about your rights on the job? Our Worker Rights Handbook has information and resources that cover federal and NYS laws. <–View the handbook –>


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