Union Local Membership

To become a member of WNYCOSH as a Union Local, please fill out the form below. You can pay dues online thru our PayPal account.

You can also download a membership form here

Union Local Membership

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  • Union Local Information

  • Union locals' dues for WNYCOSH membership are assessed on a sliding scale based on membership.
  • Union Officer Information

  • Please list the names, phone numbers and emails for your Safety and Health, Workers' Compensation, and Legislative Com. Representatives.
  • Voting Delegate Information

    As a WNYCOSH member, your local has the right to appoint delegates to represent your union membership at all WNYCOSH meetings and functions. Delegates shall also have the right to vote, hold office and participate in all WNYCOSH activities. The number of voting delegates from your union local is based on the number of members in your local. Every union local shall be entitled to one voting delegate, regardless of size. Thereafter, locals are entitled to one voting delegate for every 250 members up to a maximum of 10 delegates.
  • The following people have ben designated as WNYCOSH delegates to represent our local at WNYCOSH meetings and functions. At least two “active” delegates (if possible) should be listed who will have time to attend WNYCOSH meetings and assist with functions. List below their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses (work telephone number or email, should only be listed if contact can be made at work). We anticipate that this year “rank and file” mobilization in defense of safety and health will be critical.
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Union Local Dues

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