1)  Safe Patient/Resident Handling Team Training

1. Your OSHA Rights in a Nutshell:
2. Accident/Incident Investigation Rights:
3. Protection from Retaliation for Reporting Hazards:
4. OSHA Rights of Temp and Contract Workers:

5. OSHA Rights for Young Workers:

6. Young Workers in Agriculture (PDF):

7. Health and Safety Rights on the Job for Teen Workers (PDF):

8. Rights and Precautions After and OSHA Inspection:

9. Health and Safety Rights of Workers and Their Unions (PDF):

2)  Health and Safety

1. Death on the Job:

2. Preventable Deaths: The Tragedy of Workplace Fatalities (PDF): The%20Tragedy%20of%20Workplace%20Fatalities_Natl%20COSH%20Report%202013.pdf

3. Safety and Health at Work:–en/index.htm

4. National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries:

5. Workplace Stress:

6. NIOSH Stress at Work:

7. Stress at Work on the Rise:

8. Asbestos:

9. Construction Safety:

10. Diesel Hazards:

11. Emergency Response:

12. Ergonomics and Computer Use:

13 Infectious Disease and Biological Hazards:

14. Lead:

15.Machinery Safety:

16. Mercury:

17. Occupational Illnesses:

18. Workplace Violence:

19. NYCOSH Safety and Health Collection:

20. NIOSH Hazards and Exposures:

21. NIOSH Diseases and Injuries:

22. NIOSH Industries and Occupations:

23. NIOSH Chemicals:

24. NIOSH Safety and Prevention:

25. NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response:

3) Worker Abuses and Temp Work

1. At the Company’s Mercy (PDF):

2. Like Machines in the Fields (PDF):

3. U.S. Lags Behind World in Temp Worker Protections:

4. How to Improve Temp Worker Safety:

5. Temporary Work, Lasting Harm:

6. Temp Worker Regulations Around the World:

7. The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed:

8. The Challenge of Temporary Work in Twenty-First Century Labor Markets (PDF):

9. Temp Worker Injury Rate Data:

10. Are Temp Workers Earning Fair Wages?:

4) Contemporary work issues

1. How Raising the Federal Minimum Wage Would Help Working Families and Give the Economy a Boost (PDF):

2. Economists Agree: Raising the Minimum Wage ReducesPoverty:

3. The Surprising Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage:

4. The Economic Case for Raising the Minimum Wage:

5. Improving Capacity to Monitor Workers’ Rights & Health:

6. Public Welfare Foundation Workers’ Rights Campaign:

7. Avenues to Improving Worker’s Rights and Labor-Standards Compliance in a Globalized Economy (PDF):

8. Labor Rights and Free Trade; Social Development Parallel to Economic Development (PDF):

9. Corporations and Social Costs: The Wal-Mart Case Study (PDF):

10. Grocery Store Activism (PDF):

11.Improving Worker Rights in Globalizing Economies:–en/index.htm

12. Social Dimensions of Free Trade Agreements (PDF):—dgreports/—dcomm/documents/publication/wcms_228965.pdf

13.Measuring Decent Work:–en/index.htm

14. Social Justice for a Fair Globalization (PDF):—dgreports/—cabinet/documents/genericdocument/wcms_099766.pdf

15.Initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility (PDF):

16. Forced Labor Study (PDF):

4) Scaffold Law Resources

1. Don’t Pull The Ladder Out From Under Workers

2. Dangers of Scaffold Law Repeal

3. Why We Still Need the Scaffold Law

4. Fatal Inequality Report

5. Memos on Opposition to Scaffold Law Changes

6. Crain’s Editorial is Wrong

7. Construction Workers Depend on the Scaffold Law

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