Safe Patient Handling

Safe Patient/Resident Handling Team Training

24-hour Train the Trainer Series (modules also offered as individual trainings)

Team Meeting Skills for Safe Patient/Resident Handling Ergonomic Teams (4 hrs.)

Making the Case for Safe Patient/Resident Handling Programs (4 hrs.)

Patient/Resident Handling and Equipment Solutions (4 hrs.)

Maintaining & Tracking the SPH/SRH Ergonomics Program (3 hrs.)

SPH/SRH Ergonomics Team Role in Training (6 hrs.)

Safe Patient Handing Training Series

WNYCOSH has developed a new Safe Patient Handling training series. This Safe Patient Handling program consists of three, 5-hour sessions. Healthcare frontline workers, managers and in-service trainers can choose from among these sessions that will improve their competency in carrying out Safe Patient Handling programs. This program is for facilities that have instituted Safe Patient Handling programs, but may have deficiencies in some aspects of their programs. These sessions are designed to address specific needs.

Session 1: Introduction to SPH, Building SPH Ergonomic Committees and Documenting Patient Handling Injuries
Session 2: Facility, Patient and Equipment Assessments and Hands-on Training on Equipment
Session 3: Safe Patient Handling Policy and Safe Patient Handling Ergonomic Committees

In this 5-hour course, participants will get an introductory overview of Safe Patient Handling including the limitation of body mechanics for preventing injuries; information on the structure and functions of Safe Patient Handling Ergonomics Committees and who needs to be included to implement and sustain a successful SPH program, and, how to identify and record patient handling-related injuries on OSHA 300 Logs and Workers’ Compensation C-2 forms and how to use this information. This session includes participatory exercises.

In this 5-hour course, participants will learn how to determine patient handling equipment needs, how to assess their facilities with respect to accommodating equipment, how to assess the amount and type of equipment needed to eliminate manual lifting and how to use an assessment tool that analyzes the patient census at their facilities (number of independent, extensive assist, limited assist, and independent residents). Training will be provided on the procedures for using equipment, as well as hands-on demonstration of equipment use. This session includes participatory exercises.

In this 5-hour course, participants will receive information on the purpose of SPH policy and guidelines for writing their facility policy. Information on SPH Ergonomics Committee team building, such as how to run a meeting, ensure inclusion of all participants, resolve conflicts and build consensus around the SPH program, will be provided. Methods of mentoring and evaluating staff competency in the proper use of patient handling equipment and devices will be presented. This session includes participatory exercises.

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