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The WNYCOSH Worker Center serves workers, especially low-wage workers, immigrant, refugee, temp. workers, and native-born, and helps them learn about their rights and organize fellow workers to improve workplace conditions. The ultimate goal of the WNYCOSH Worker Center is to create a programmatic space to foster an informed, engaged membership advocating for positive change in their workplaces and throughout WNY. Worker Center components include Outreach, Services, Education and Advocacy.

The WNYCOSH Worker Center hotline, can assist you to solve problems at your workplace including not being paid all wages earned, an unsafe work environment, discrimination, or other issues. Please leave a message and calls will be returned promptly.

(716) 206-3550

A guide and resources to your rights under New York State and federal law
Information on New York State and Federal laws regarding your rights at work.
What is concerted activity and how are you protected?
A basic guide to the workers' compensation system for injured workers
A basic guide on how to address health and safety concerns in the workplace
Were you or someone you know injured or killed at work?

Programs & Services

Workers’ Rights Training

The WNYCOSH Worker Center offers workers’ rights training at your site or ours in a variety of languages. Trainings include information on wages and hours; workplace safety and health; and industry specific training, as well as your rights to advocate for a safer and fairer workplace.


Free Worker Center Legal Clinics

The WNYCOSH Worker Center Free Legal Clinic offers scheduled and ad hoc legal clinics that offer workers the opportunity to discuss workplace issues for guidance and other forms of assistance.


Assistance organizing around workplace issues

Is there an issue in your workplace that affects many workers that can best be addressed by working together? The WNYCOSH Worker Center can offer you the support and resources to help you address your issues in a constructive, collective way.

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