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National COSH on How OSHA can Improve Health and Safety for Temporary Workers

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) has released a report on the role that OSHA can play in developing health and safety protections for temporary workers, available here. The crucial details include the following: 1. OSHA should place responsibilities on temp agencies and employers that hire workers through temp agencies, which apply […]

Health and Safety Committee Meeting Notice

The Buffalo AFL-CIO/WNYCOSH Safety and Health Committee meeting is on March 11th, 2014 from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. Please note that the location has changed: it is at: 1830 Abbot Road, Lackawanna, NY 14218. The topic for this meeting is the New York State Scaffold Law, and how it protects workers. Our presenter is Frank Dolce of Dolce […]

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Bill Fletcher, Jr.—director of field services for the American Federation of Government Employees—is a leading labor, racial justice, and social justice activist and writer. He is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, has served as president of the TransAfrica Forum—a nonprofit group that works to improve foreign aid to African and Caribbean […]

Temporary Worker Abuse

The treatment of temporary workers is one of WNYCOSH’s primary concerns. Temporary workers—often called “temp workers” and sometimes “contingent workers”—are hired to work on short-term projects, and then leave the employer once the assigned job(s) is finished. Sometimes temporary workers are provided to organizations that need their labor by “temp agencies”. One important issue with […]

Workers’ Memorial Day

Workers’ Memorial Day is an annual, international day of remembrance, held on April 28th. It is designated as a day to reflect on and remember the countless workers who have been injured, disabled, made ill, and/or killed as a result of their work. Additionally, it is a time to show worker solidarity, and to express […]

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