On Monday 12/19 we lost a much loved member of our staff.


To all of his union brothers and sisters, friends and family, community training partners, while we give thanks for being able to be there with our families, we need you to give what you can and share as widely as a possible. We need to help Tom’s kids mourn without having to worry about whether they’re going to receive medical treatment, have a roof over their heads, or be able to put food on the table.

What should have been a season for celebrating and giving thanks has turned to unspeakable grief for the children of our friend, colleague and union brother Tom Dmochowski. Tom died earlier in the week of a heart attack, leaving his three surviving children without anyone to support them.

Tom’s kids have suffered greatly over the last two years, losing their brother in a car accident as he returned from a college tour, as well as their beloved uncle Mike, their grandfather and now their dad. The children ages 16-21 have not only lost their father and his ability to love and support them, but making a terrible situation even worse, their healthcare is set to expire soon. One of the children has a serious chronic health issue and another has health concerns also.

Tom needs us to help his children maintain healthcare, keep their home, and meet their living expenses.  Please let’s help Tom take care of his children now that he can’t.

Thank you,

His WNYCOSH Family.

Tom Dmochowski  was our Staff Trainer at WNYCOSH beginning January of 2008. Tom had more than 38 years of health and safety experience, and administered health and safety programs on second and third shifts for thousands of employees. Tom served as a Health and Safety Representative from 1994 to 2007 at American Axle and from 1978 -1994 at General Motors.

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