Place of Origin: USA
Occupation: Temporary Worker (Industrial, Construction)

My name is Henry. I have been a temporary worker for 2 years in Buffalo, NY. I have worked with a few Temp Agencies and been placed in jobs doing demolition, construction and industrial work. One Temp Agency took money out of my paychecks–hundreds of dollars in total–to pay for a hardhat and respirator for work.

Because I’m a Temp Worker, when I’m in a dangerous situation, I have to choose between keeping myself safe or risking being let go. When I have spoken up, I got laid-off.

First, I was placed at a school to work doing lead abatement with other temp workers. The area I was working in was lined with plastic. The other workers and I were walking through the area out into another uncovered area with our suits on. OSHA came to investigate while I was there, and they cited the employer for unsafe practice because the workers didn’t decontaminate before walking through.

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