Release of Risky Business Report on Wendt Corp.

Risky Business Report Press Conference

On Thursday, July 12th, WNYCOSH held a press conference with Ironworkers Local 576 to release our Risky Business report on health and safety conditions at Wendt Corporation. Our staff, workers at Wendt, local labor leaders and politicians all spoke about the importance of a safe and health workplace and the problems at Wendt. 

Hear what they had to say below.

The type of manufacturing that Wendt performs is in the top ten types that injure workers. When we created this report you can see why…Wendt needs to take a good look at their safety program and work with workers to create something that is efficient and comprehensible and effective.

Rachel Terhart
WNYCOSH Staff Trainer

I have seen broken rigging equipment being used to carry material that weighs tons, risking failing loads and crushing workers. I’ve seen fellow workers ask for the equipment to be repaired and not get repaired til days later, but the equipment is still being used…I just don’t want to see anybody die.

Bill Hudson
Wendt worker

We shouldn’t have to fight for a safe place of employment…its time for the Wendt Corporation to start paying attention to its workers…There are workers whose lives are being put at risk.

Tim Kennedy
NYS Senator
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