WNYCOSH Releases “Risky Business: Wendt Corporation Walkthrough Inspection & Safety Record Review”

Risky Business is the result of a 4 month study of company and OSHA reports, worker interviews, and a facility walk through in May of 2018. What’s detailed in the report are patterns of lax safety planning, policies, and procedures in a very high risk industry.

WNYCOSH discovered the following serious health and safety concerns:

    • Questionable atmospheric conditions
    • Welding hazard exposures known to cause serious effects on health and safety
    • Lack of adequate training and related documentation
    • Pressure on workers to perform unsafe tasks placing production over safety
    • Inadequate material handling equipment
    • Lack of guarding on machinery and equipment throughout the facility exposing workers to impact from flying debris
    • Procedures placing an emphasis on the worker changing their behavior rather than protecting workers from hazards
    • Crushing, caught in between, or struck by hazards caused by workers performing tasks next to or underneath suspended material
    • Multiple storage racks, or material handling equipment at risk for overloading
    • Unsecured machinery and equipment throughout the facility
    • Guardrails that can be moved by touching them because they are not attached to the floor
    • Malfunctioning equipment that moves without operator control
    • Explosion hazards

Read the full report here.

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